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Accounts, Users and Sessions

How to sign up to Cosnautas

It’s very easy:

  1. Go to the «Registration» page;
  2. Fill in the boxes, click «Confirm» and go to the following page;
  3. Select the type of subscription you wish to buy;
  4. If your subscription is not free, make the payment using your preferred method (Paypal or credit card);
  5. Activate your account clicking on the link sent to the email address you registered with;
  6. Select «Enter» in the «Home» page, type in your username and password and access your account.

How to purchase a gift subscription

  1. Click on this link, which you will also find in the «Home» and «Registration» pages;
  2. Select the gift subscription you wish you purchase;
  3. Fill in the information requested;
  4. Make your payment.

What is the difference between Cosnautas Basic, Español, Français, Deutsch, Português, and Platinum?

  • Cosnautas Basic: allows access to all our complimentary resources, i.e., Árbol de Cos, SME, Allergology and Immunology, DIC, IRIS, Covid-19, DPS and Cercaterm;
  • Cosnautas Español: enables access to the Libro Rojo, in addition to all our free resources;
  • Cosnautas Français: allows access to MedLexic,in addition to all our free resources;
  • Cosnautas Deutsch: enables access to Medizin,in addition to all our free resources;
  • Cosnautas Português: allows access to DDD, in addition to all our free resources;
  • Cosnautas Platinum: enables access to absolutely all our resources, both free and paid ones.


What is included

Prices for Group 1 countries*

Prices for Group 2 countries**

Cosnautas Basic

Access to Cercaterm, DPS, Covid-19, IRIS, DIC, DTQAllergology and Immunology, SME, and Árbol de Cos



Cosnautas Platinum

Access to all the Cosnautas resources



for a year

77 €

70 €

for a month

7 €

7 €

Cosnautas Español

Cosnautas Basic + Libro Rojo



for a year

66 €

60 €

for a month

6 €

6 €

Cosnautas Français

Cosnautas Basic + MedLexic



for a year

66 €

60 €

for a month

6 €

6 €

Cosnautas Deutsch

Cosnautas Basic + Medizin



for a year

55 €

50 €

for a month

5 €

5 €

Cosnautas Português               

Cosnautas Basic + DDD



for a year

44 €

40 €

for a month

4 €

4 €

Is it possible to trial Cosnautas Français, Español, Deutsch or Português before signing up for a paid subscription?

Yes, of course it is. You just need to sign up to Cosnautas Basic, which is a completely free. 

As soon as you activate your account, you will have access, for a whole week, to ALL of the Cosnautas resources. At the end of the trial period, if you decide not to purchase a paid subscription, you will still be able to access our free resources, i.e. Cercaterm, DPS, Covid-19, IRIS, DIC, Allergology and immunology, SME et Árbol de Cos.

How to change or renew your subscription

  1. In the top right corner under your username, click on «My subscriptions» from the drop down menu; 
  2. Then, in the lower left corner of «My subscriptions» page, click on «change or renew subscription».

What does the message «This user has exceeded the number of connections» mean?

If you have purchased an individual subscription, you may only connect to Cosnautas from a single device or browser. This message warns you that you have more than one active session open simultaneously. We recommend to always close your session before turning off your device, although after an hour of idle time your session will automatically close, and you may then start a new one. If the problem persists, do not hesitate to contact us.

Invoices and Receipts

If you are self-employed or a company, during your purchase process in the «Payment method» page you may check the box «I am self-employed or a company and need an invoice» and then fill out the required data for invoicing purposes. Once payment is made you will receive an invoice by email. You may also download it from «My subscriptions» tab. If you do not require an invoice, you will be getting a receipt as proof of payment.

How to redeem a code to pay for a subscription

If you still don't have a Cosnautas account, you must create one following the instructions described in the paragraph «How to create an account».

Once you have accessed your account, follow these steps:

  1. Go to «My subscriptions» tab, click on «Buy or extend»;
  2. Check the box «I have a code to redeem for a subscription»;
  3. Type the code and click on «Continue».

How to use a discount code

  1. Go to «My subscriptions» tab, click on «Buy or extend subscription»;
  2. Select the subscription you wish to purchase and click on «Continue»;
  3. Go to «Payment method», type in the code in the box and click on «Continue».

How to cite Cosnautas’ resources

In biomedical sciences, the most common citation styles are Vancouver and APA, but it could be that the institution for which you are writing your paper requires that you conform to the conventions of other style manuals (MLA, Chicago...). Either way, the authors of our resources suggest citing as follows:

Libro Rojo:

Navarro, Fernando A. Diccionario de dudas y dificultades de traducción del inglés médico (4.ª edición). Edición en línea (versión 4.05). Madrid: Cosnautas, 2024.


Vorsatz, Carla. Dicionário de dúvidas e dificuldades da tradução do inglês médico para o português (2.ª edición). Original español de Fernando A. Navarro. Edición en línea (versión 2.0). Madrid: Cosnautas, 2023.


Urrestarazu, Eñaut. Dictionnaire anglais-français de médecine et des sciences connexes (1.ª edición). Edición en línea (versión 1.02). Madrid: Cosnautas, 2024.


Navarro, Fernando A. Gran diccionario médico alemán-español. Edición en línea (versión 1.15). Madrid: Cosnautas, 2024.

Siglas médicas en español:

Navarro, Fernando A. Repertorio de siglas, acrónimos, abreviaturas y símbolos utilizados en los textos médicos en español (2.ª edición). Edición en línea (versión 2.30). Madrid: Cosnautas, 2024.

Árbol de Cos:

Munoa, Laura (comp.). Árbol de Cos. Edición en línea (versión 1.17). Madrid: Cosnautas, 2023. 

Alergología e inmunología:

Igea, Juan Manuel. Diccionario inglés-español de alergología e inmunología clínica (4.ª edición). Edición en línea (versión 4.01). Madrid: Cosnautas, 2022.


Saladrigas, María Verónica. Diccionario inglés-español de investigación clínica. Edición en línea (versión 2.04). Madrid: Cosnautas, 2024.


Saladrigas, María Verónica; Navarro, Fernando A.; Gómez, Paz; Munoa, Laura. Diccionario de covid-19 (EN-ES). Edición en línea (versión 2.04). Madrid: Cosnautas, 2023.


Gómez Polledo, Paz. Diccionario multilingüe  ilustrado de productos sanitarios. Edición en línea (versión 1.03). Madrid: Cosnautas, 2024.


Jiménez Quesada, Mar.  Diccionario de dudas de traducción de términos químicos (EN-ES). Edición en línea (versión 1.01; abril de 2024). Madrid: Cosnautas, 2024.


TERMCAT, Centre de Terminologia. Buscador del conjunto de fichas terminológicas que TERMCAT pone a disposición pública. Madrid: Cosnautas, 2024.

*Although we always try to update all texts on all pages of our website, we recommend that you make sure that the version of each resource indicated on this FAQ page corresponds to the latest update of the resource.