Accounts, users and sessions

How do I create an account?

It’s easy: 1) go to the user registration page; 2) complete your personal and user details, and select the account and products you want to subscribe to; 3) choose a payment method (PayPal or credit card) and make the payment. After registering, simply enter your username and password to access your personal area.

How do I buy a gift subscription?

Click “Yes” in response to the question “Is this a gift?” and complete your name and e-mail as the person buying the gift. Then complete the personal and user details of the gift recipient.


What’s the difference between the Cosnautas Oro account and the basic account?

The Cosnautas Oro account gives you full, unlimited access to all available resources. The basic Cosnautas account gives you access only to the restricted versions of Árbol de Cos and Siglas médicas, although you can add supplementary subscriptions to the Libro rojo, with Oro access (including advanced search features) or basic access (default search only), and to Alergología e inmunología.

How do I change account types or subscriptions?

Go to your account settings by clicking on the link: “To manage your account, click here“, in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Select the option “Renew or manage". A list of your products will be displayed, together with a link to renew or manage your subscription.

What does the message “you have exceeded the connection limit” mean?

By default, you can connect from just one device and one browser at a time. This message shows that another session is open elsewhere. Always close sessions on devices and browsers after use. After one hour of inactivity, your session will be automatically closed, and you will be able to start a new session. If the problem persists, please contact us.


What’s the difference between the full and basic versions of each resource?

In the case of the Árbol de Cos, the full version has no advertising and it gives you access to a useful results’ filter and comprehensive list of tags, to enhance searches.

The full version of Siglas médicas lets you perform advanced searches, not just by Spanish abbreviation, but also by Spanish expansion, English abbreviation, English expansion and by country. You can also use Boolean operators to narrow or broaden your searches. The basic version does not have these features.

The full version the Libro rojo has an advanced search with Boolean operators and two useful extra search options:  1) search by Spanish term, with all the benefits of a two-way bilingual dictionary, and 2) search in the entire dictionary, which returns results from all lexicographical fields, including examples and comments in each entry.

Invoices and receipts

How do I request an invoice?

The registration process leads to a form where you can complete the details required for invoices. After you make a payment, an invoice will be automatically sent to your e-mail. You can also download it from your personal area. If you don’t request an invoice, a receipt will be issued to provide proof of purchase.

How should Cosnautas resources be cited?

This depends on the current version of each resource. For example, the current edition of the Libro rojo should be cited as follows:

Navarro, Fernando A.: Diccionario de dudas y dificultades de traducción del inglés médico (3ª edición). Online edition (version 3.10). Madrid: Cosnautas, 2017.

Siglas médicas en español should be cited:

Navarro, Fernando A.: Repertorio de siglas, acrónimos, abreviaturas y símbolos utilizados en los textos médicos en español (2ª edición). Online edition (version 2.16). Madrid: Cosnautas, 2017.

Árbol de Cos:

Munoa, Laura (comp.): Árbol de Cos. Online edition (version 1.12). Madrid: Cosnautas, 2017. 

Alergología e inmunología:

Igea, Juan Manuel: Diccionario inglés-español de alergología e inmunología clínica (3ª edición). Online edition (version 3.02). Madrid: Cosnautas, 2016.


Navarro, Fernando A.: Gran diccionario médico alemán-español. Online edition (version 1.02). Madrid: Cosnautas, 2017.

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