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We are medical translators, writers and editors who work to promote the highest quality scientific communication in Spanish, by facilitating access to biomedical knowledge and helping to transmit it from authors to readers.

Translators spend too much time trawling the web in search of information that is scattered far and wide. But you need this information to understand the source text correctly and find the right translation for it. With this in mind, we have created the Árbol de Cos, to help you find that information more readily.

Since digital resources have so many advantages over their printed counterparts, we decided to create an online database to consult these resources in a smart way, with powerful search engines, hyperlinks, and options to save searches and bookmark favourites, giving you easy access to customised searches.

We believe that the online format of Diccionario de dudas y dificultades de traducción del inglés médico and other useful reference resources will enhance the scope of your searches, making the most of their content. And by achieving this, we will be truly serving the community of medical translators and writers.

It would have been almost impossible to set up the Cosnautas project without our close connection with Tremédica, an association that shares the goals and professional integrity that have driven us forward and inspired us, and which has grown into a close-knit, strong and thriving international community. We, the three Cosnautas founders, are proud to belong to this institution.

Behind the name

The name Cosnautas® originates from the island of Cos - birth place of Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine - and from the idea of travelling the web. The underlying metaphor is that cosnauts are internauts specialised in biomedical translation and writing, who turn to our resources to find the information they need for their challenging work.

the community

We aim to provide biomedical language professionals with excellent resources to find solutions and deliver top quality work. This is an ambitious plan indeed for a small but enthusiastic team. And to achieve it, we are keen to listen to your suggestions and needs. Moreover, to truly serve the community and ensure fruitful, two-way communication with our fellow cosnauts, we warmly invite each and every one of you to contact us to give us your feedback and comments.

Serving <br />the <span>community</span>

Resource checklist

The resources on this platform must fulfil the inclusion criteria listed below. They must be:

  • useful for medical translators and writers.
  • easy to search, in a format that makes it fast to find information.
  • of scientific quality, with accurate, duly documented content.
  • geared to productivity, to facilitate and streamline the user’s work.
  • original, self-authored, unique projects, created by professionals who write or compile content based on their experience and direct contact with translators and writers at the wordface.

Cosnautas in the media

Cosnautas, recurso primordial para 'Revista Española de Cardiología'

Cosnautas, recurso primordial para 'Revista Española de Cardiología'


María González, coordinadora lingüística de 'Revista Española de Cardiología', menciona el Libro Rojo y los demás recursos de la plataforma Cosnautas entre los recursos esenciales para establecer las pautas de estilo y terminología en la redacción de la revista médica en español con mayor factor de impacto.

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Jennifer Salmon, profesora de inglés médico, recomienda el Libro Rojo

Jennifer Salmon, profesora de inglés médico, recomienda el Libro Rojo


En su blog de inglés médico, Jennifer Salmon, profesora de la plataforma Educación Digital, ha publicado una entrada sobre "Recursos para aprender y practicar tu inglés médico". Escribe en ella: "debo mencionar un par de diccionarios que merece la pena tener fichados: el primero es el Libro Rojo de Cosnautas, un diccionario con gran variedad de términos de difícil traducción al castellano y con explcaciones extensivas sobre los usos y equivalentes".

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Videoentrevista con Emma Goldsmith

Videoentrevista con Emma Goldsmith


Dentro de la serie "Charlas cosnáuticas", Cosnautas viaja a Fuentidueña de Tajo (Madrid) para entrevistar a Emma Goldsmith, enfermera y traductora médica ES>EN.

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Suggestions welcome!

Suggestions welcome!

At Cosnautas we're working to bring you the best tools for medical translation and writing. If you would like to suggest a resource for our catalogue, please contact us at: info@cosnautas.com