Professional resources for medical translators


Diccionario inglés-español de investigación clínica

María Verónica Saladrigas Isenring Read more


Big German-Spanish Medical Dictionary

Fernando A. Navarro González Read more

Libro rojo

Dictionary of Doubts and Difficulties in English-Spanish Medical Translation

Fernando A. Navarro González Read more

Alergología e inmunología

English-Spanish dictionary of allergology and clinical immunology (3rd edition)

Juan Manuel Igea Aznar Read more

Siglas médicas en español

Repertoire of initialisms, acronyms, contractions and symbols used in Spanish medical texts  (2nd edition)

Fernando A. Navarro González Read more

Árbol de Cos

A collection of links to Internet resources for medical translators and writers

Laura Munoa Salvador Read more


Imprescindible recopilador instantáneo de soluciones

Read more
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Suggestions welcome!

Suggestions welcome!

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